Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure TourJungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure Tour

Our Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure is unlike any other tour you will experience in the area. Picture mesmerizing views of the river banks from the seat of our Jungle Pontoon. We will visit 3 spectacular waterfalls, with a stop on the river bank for a picnic and the option of Jungle tubing. The Waterfall Adventure begins as we undertake an hour drive away from San Ignacio town, off the beaten path and deep into the Vaca plateau forest reserve.

Jungle cliff

A secret piece of paradise awaits you!

Board the Jungle Pontoon and let her be your guide as you are given the rare opportunity to become part of mother-natures environment, without hurting her or the wildlife that makes this beautiful lush forest their home.

Hidden behind the vast green array of trees and birds, beyond the beckoning of the howler monkeys' laugh, visit a world unseen… At the heart of the Mystical Maya Mountains, your Jungle Pontoon experience awaits! This journey on the river will be exciting and unforgettable.

Enjoy a gentle drift on-board the pontoon as she navigates the calm waters, cutting a course through the mountains that were carved by the river itself- get the best experience while river tubing.

Your guide will lead you to explore three beautiful destinations, each one different and more unique. In the past, many have enjoyed showering under the majestic waterfalls and in the crystal pools of mystery, shortly after a delicious picnic at the water's edge.

Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure TourThe Wonders of our Jungle Pontoon Water Adventure…

hidden falls


The tour's first highlights are Pools upon pools of crystal clear water falling into one another; however, this unnamed water fall is never the same. The high calcium deposit that runs through this water fall calcifies fallen leaves, twigs and even living ferns that dare to lounge upon the cool flowing waters.



As we make our way to  the river on the Jungle Pontoon, we witness the grandeur of the twin-falls both cutting a course through a granite barrier and standing boldly apart in great sizes and features.

unteamed waterfall


The Rio Frio Waterfall is the ideal waterfall to swim under! Untouched waters tumble off a cliff of approximately 70ft high, and into a large open pool, ideal for swimming and splashing into!

RIO-FRIO WATERFALL:Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure Info:


Departure: Daily at 8:00 am

Duration: Full day tour

Fitness: moderate

Dress Code: water shoes, swim suits.

What To Bring Along:Towel, hat, extra clothes, insect repellent, camera.

Price Includes: transportation, guided tour, equipment, lunch, drinks.

Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure ReviewJungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure Review

An absolutely fabulous experience that is simply a must for visitors to Western Belize.

We went out on the pontoon with Robert and his brother Giovanni and had a wonderful day spotting wildlife, relaxing, eating BBQ, drinking beer and (most of all) climbing waterfalls with a bit of cliff jumping thrown in. Simply a spectacular day and one that we could definitely do again

TripAdvisor: Must do activity in Belize

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