Jungle Splash Eco-Tours gives you the opportunity to embrace nature for its true beauty, and experience hidden secrets of mother-nature. From our variety of tours, you can explore and experience in many different ways our Jewel, Belize. Starting from some of the deepest and most sacred ceremonial Chambers in the Mayan underworld, to being at the highest Temples in the country!

Refresh yourself under amazing and pristine waterfalls which still remain a secret to the rest of the world, hidden in Belize’s lush Tropical Jungles!

jungle pontoon waterfall adventure
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The Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure Tour is described by many as “the best activity anyone can do in Belize”, and is highly recommended by all who has done it. Robert's tour of the magnificent waterfalls and hidden pools of his childhood playground is a tour you can't get from any other company.

If you're the type of traveler who is seeking some adventure and excitement in your life, take the road less traveled upon, and gain a greater experience of Belize! During your Horseback Riding tour to the forgotten City, you will discover that Robert is a true man of the wild, as he shows you the hidden jewels of "his world."

couple horseback riding

leaveJungle Splash Eco Tours

Jungle Splash Eco Tours Founder and Owner "Robert" is a born Belizean who has a genuine passion and love for his career, showing guests the Beautiful hidden wonders Mother Nature has to offer in Belize. Deep within the mystical Mayan Mountains on the Vaca Plateau that he calls home, Robert developed a love for nature and wanted to share the many adventures there are to experience in Belize.

At Jungle Splash Eco Tours, we don't just offer a tour but a lifetime experience.

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leaveYour Adventure Begins in San Ignacio!

Our signature tours are off-road and deep into the heart of the Mayan Mountains, The Vaca Plateau. Book any of these tours to discover the secret paradise that awaits you, as you board our jungle pontoon or travel on horseback. A day of adventure typically begins as you go on a 45 minutes drive from San Ignacio to one of the many tours available in the area.

Hidden behind the vast green array of trees and birds, beyond the beckoning of the howler monkeys laugh, visit a majestic world untouched and unseen by many.Let it be your guide as you are given a rare opportunity to become part of Mother Nature’s environment.