Belize Cave Tubing

We drive from San Ignacio for about an hour and 15mins to reach Caves branch Outpost archaeological reserve refreshing float through the pristine turquoise waters that disappear into the caves, where our Cave Tubing journey begins into an underworld of mystery.

After arriving at our destination, at the car-park, you have access to restrooms where you can change into adequate attire for your activity. It is here where we get our necessary gear such as inner tubes and life jackets, lights etc… We undertake a short 35-minute hike through the lush rainforest canopy. On our hike, we will cross jungle streams and your guide will point out the local flora and fauna

Belize Cave Tubing Info

We begin our refreshing float through the pristine turquoise waters that disappear into the caves, where our journey begins into an underworld of mystery. Your guide will then talk to you about the geology of the area and the formation of the caves.

You will learn about the importance, which these caves held to the ancient Maya. They were phenomenal! In the eyes of the Maya people, these caves were the breathing holes that led to the lungs of the earth, making them alive and sacred. You will feel inferior inside the vast chambers that seem like cathedrals in a dark world. Better known to the Maya as- Xibalba.

As you float through the 3 different caves, be in awe as you gaze at the marvelous formations of all shapes and sizes descending from the ceiling above you! Some of these formations seem as though the Maya carved them into shapes portraying their underworld deities!

A sight you must see to believe!


You also have the option of stopping while in the cave itself and explore different dry areas-go for a splash in rejuvenating water! Feel Energized…

After you exit the last of the caves, you then float for about 20 minutes down towards where it all started with the hike. So yes, you only hike one way! How great is that!? We take a break for a buffet style lunch and you can even enjoy a Belikin. We then make our way to the Zip-liners station and get equipped for our next adventure.

Belize Cave Tubing Info

  • Departure:

    Daily at 8:00 am

  • Duration:

    Full day tour

  • Fitness:


  • Dress Code:

    Water shoes, swimsuits.

  • What To Bring Along:

    Hat, extra clothes, insect repellent, camera.

  • Price Includes:

    Transportation, entrance fee, equipment, lunch, drinks.

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