Caracol Mayan Ruins Tour

Your Caracol adventure begins as we leave from San Ignacio Town, a drive to our destination-the true heart of the Maya Mountains, where an ancient city still lies beneath the jungle. Caracol site is the largest and most impressive ancient Mayan city in Belize, remnants of the once a thriving and powerful Mayan city.

Brief History of Caracol Maya Ruins

Playing crucial political importance in the region helped Caracol expand significantly, becoming such a great and prosperous city with over 150,000 people, all under the Kingship of Lord Kan 2, who made major achievements for his empire. He formed alliances with kingdoms as far as the Yucatan region. As you walk through the ancient city, learn about Caracol’s Victory over the Mighty “Tikal”. Re-discovered in 1938 by loggers, Caracol covers over 20 square miles which include over 35,000 structures, five plazas, ball courts, an astronomical observatory and an astonishing panoramic view from atop the highest monumental structure, Caana, the sky palace.

This site has evidence of human settlement at approximately 1,000 BC and was abandoned around 950 AD- just shy of 2,000 years!! On the walls of a once vibrant city, a myriad of hieroglyphic texts decorate altars, walls, facades, capstones, and ball-court-markers. Visiting Caracol is an exercise in discovery as you walk up the amazing Sky palace complex, rising a staggering 140ft (42.6m) above the mystical jungle.

Experience the magnificence of the Mayan architectural skill and capability. Explore and be amazed as you step back in time, and walk on the same footsteps of where great Kings once did and ruled with unforgiving power.

Our Caracol Mayan Ruins tour is accompanied by a short visit to Rio Frio Cave ( a very large cave which part of the roof has collapsed, leaving behind a massive entryway into a hill from which a stream runs through). Also on the way back from Caracol Ruins, we stop at Rio On pools for a refreshing dip after a day of exploration.

Caracol Mayan Ruins Tour Info

  • Departure:

    Daily at 7:30 am

  • Duration:

    Full day tour

  • Fitness:


  • Dress Code:

    Water shoes, swimsuits.

  • What To Bring Along:

    Hat, extra clothes, insect repellent, camera.

  • Price Includes:

    Transportation, entrance fee, equipment, lunch, drinks.

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