Che Chem Ha CaveChe Chem Ha Cave

Your day of adventure begins as we leave from San Ignacio Town on an approximate 45-minute drive to our destination-the true heart of the Maya Mountains where ancient cities still lie hidden beneath the jungle. Deep within the Vaca Plateau forest reserve, secretly tucked away there lays a gateway to Xibalba. A portal to underworld, giving you access to a once very sacred, religious and ceremonial site.

Start your jungle trek on a hilly terrain, an exercising hike in search of the famous gateway of Che Chem Ha cave as you find your way through the lush forest. Actun Che Chem Ha or Cave of the "Poisoned Water", is where very important ceremonies and agricultural offerings and rituals were performed by the Mayan Shamans. Inside this dry cave system, perched on ledges, you can appreciate the amazing collection of vessels (ollas) of all shapes and sizes left behind by a once a great civilization.

From the moment, you enter this dark world, and the deeper in you venture, the larger it becomes. As you reach the mid-way point, we will encounter the largest formation (stalactites), which to the Maya were the roots of the tree of life that penetrated into the under-world, and its branches went high up into the heavens! The Ceiba tree. This cave has some of the earliest collection of ceramics in the region dating to around 1,000 B.C, coinciding with Cahal Pech ruins, another early pre-classic site.

Che Chem Ha Cave TourChe Chem Ha Cave Tour Info


Departure: daily at 8:00 am

Duration: ¾ day tour

Fitness: moderate

Dress Code: Hiking shoes and comfortable clothing

What To Bring Along: insect repellent, camera

Price Includes: transportation, entrance fee, guided tour, water.

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