Xunantunich Mayan Temples & Jungle Pontoon Waterfall Adventure

Visit the Majestic Mayan Temples of Xunantunich! Come and discover the famous "Maiden of the Rock". Climb atop one of Belize's tallest Mayan Temples- El Castillo ( the castle)! From standing atop the 13 layers of heaven, you will then venture into the mystical Mayan mountains and board a Jungle pontoon boat to visit hidden waterfalls!

Your day of adventure beings as you leave from San Ignacio Town. You will then board a hand-cranked ferry across the Mopan river, which flows in from neighboring Guatemala.

Xunantunich ( Maiden of the Rock) reveals to be one of the earliest centers in the region pre-dating to around 1000 B.C. when it was still a growing village. It eventually flourished into one of the powerhouses of the region alongside with Naranjo, 8 km due west of Xunantunich.

This impressive monument you are able to see today, archaeological research dates it to the 7th century! Xunantunich most recent discovery has actually revealed the largest Royal tomb in the country of Belize. Be amazed by how boldly “El Castillo” stands overlooking the rest of the complexes. Climb this spectacular structure which rises 40m (130 ft.).

Xunantunich is one of the highest and most famous man-made buildings in the country. When you stand on top of “El Castillo”, experience the same breath-taking view that the rulers once enjoyed.

Get a small view of  Guatemala and much of our Jewel "Belize" with a 360-degree panoramic view. After visiting this Beautiful Mayan site, you will then venture off the beaten path and deep into the Vaca Plateau forest reserve. A secret piece of paradise awaits you.

Board a jungle pontoon and let it be your guide as you are given the rare opportunity to become part of mother nature's environment without hurting her, or the wildlife that calls this beautiful lush forest home.

Hidden behind the vast green array of trees and birds, beyond the beckoning of the howler monkeys laugh, visit a world unseen by many. With optional tubing, cliff jumps and a waterfall you can climb, this adventure is a lifetime experience.

Mayan Temples & Pontoon Waterfall Adventure Detail

  • Departure Time:

    8:00 am

  • Duration:

    Full day tour

  • Fitness:


  • Dress Code:

    Closed footwear, comfortable clothing, long pants

  • What to bring along:

    Change of clothing, towel, sunblock, swim wear

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