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Your day of adventure begins as you go on an hour drive from San Ignacio to one of the many tours available in the area. Head off the beaten path and deep into the Vaca Plateau forest reserve to discover the secret paradise that awaits you. Board a jungle pontoon and let it be your guide as you are given the rare opportunity to become a part of Mother Nature’s environment without hurting her, or the wildlife that makes this lush forest their home. Hidden behind the vast green array of trees and birds, beyond the beckoning of the howler monkeys laugh, visit a world unseen by many.

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The town of San Ignacio is the ultimate inland tour destination with daily tours to the Barton Creek Cave at the foothills of the Maya Mountains. Many Travelers find it much easier to book a flight to Belize and experience the world of the Mayas without the need of learning another language, as Belize is an English speaking country. The US dollar is widely accepted as $2BZD to $1USD, and most tourists love the fact that there are fewer bugs here than in Massachusetts.

Once you have arrived in San Ignacio Town, you will find that there is a multitude of things to do, including the very cultural tour of the San Ignacio Farm Market. Jungle Splash Eco Tour Office, which is located in the historic center of town, includes two of the most amazing tours, namely; Pontoon Jungle Waterfall Adventure and Horseback Riding to a forgotten Mayan City. These tours have been recommended by many as a "not to be missed" tour. Our Belizean Tour company also offers many other local tours such as Xunantunich, Caracol Mayan Ruins, Che Chem Ha Cave, Cave Tubing or Barton Creek Cave Canoeing. All tours depart from the center of San Ignacio town.

Another worthy aspect of San Ignacio town is the wide range of accommodations. Starting From Backpackers style hostel to Luxury Homes suited with a Pool area, there are many choices to match your preference. Some Resorts and Hotels are located in and around the town: others are situated deep in the jungles of the Mayan Mountains. From street-side food to classy accommodations and well-recommended restaurants, you will find that for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner you won’t have to make an effort to locate a suitable place to dine.

leaveAbout the Vaca Plateau - Maya Mountains Range

The Maya Mountains, Spanish Montañas Mayas, a range of hills mostly in southern Belize, extending about 70 miles (115 km) northeastward from across the Guatemalan border into central Belize. The range falls abruptly to the coastal plain to the east and north but more gradually to the west, becoming the Vaca Plateau, which extends into eastern Guatemala. Caracol is located in the highlands south of San Ignacio in an area known as the Vaca Plateau, habitation began approximately 600 BC and continued until 900 AD, or even as late as 1150 AD according to some sources.

Both the range and the plateau are extensively dissected and of uniform elevation throughout the highest point being reached at Victoria Peak (3,680 feet [1,122 m]) in the transverse Cockscomb Range, which extends seaward perpendicularly from the main divide. The mountains take their name from the Maya people, who retreated into the mountains before the Spaniards, leaving great centers, such as Lubaantun on the mountains’ southeastern periphery, deserted behind them.

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