Barton Creek Cave CanoeingBarton Creek Cave Canoeing

Barton creek cave is where you can explore with comfort as you peacefully drift gently into the cave by canoe. To arrive at the Barton Creek site, you will undertake a 45-minute drive from San Ignacio town. The drive will take you through a community of Dutch and Germans who live a simpler lifestyle-no electricity or motor vehicles.

About Barton Creek Cave

The stream that runs through this cave continuously erodes the limestone causing it to eventually become a marvellous cave system! Inside you will discover some of the most spectacular formations you have ever seen. In some of the chambers the ceiling reaches a height of a 100 feet, literally a cathedral inside a cave. Also in some areas, the roof comes nearer to the water giving you a much better detailed look of the formations themselves. It is here where you will want a camera to capture this natural wonder. Your eyes will not believe what you are showing them! Your licensed and experienced tour guide will immerse you with much of his knowledge about the sacred ceremonial site.

Caves to the Mayas were of very high importance in order to appease their Gods! Specifically Chaac! The God of lighting, thunder and most importantly rain. It is there in Xibalba where Chaac resides…. While exploring the cave system you will also see some of the artefacts, which was left behind providing evidence of the rituals and ceremonies that took place in these dark and mysterious places.

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Barton Creek Tour InfoBarton Creek Tour Info


Departure: daily at 8:00 am

Duration: ½ day tour

Fitness: easy

Dress Code: water shoes, swim suits.

What To Bring Along: hat, extra clothes, insect repellent, camera.

Price Includes: transportation, entrance fee, equipment, lunch, drinks.

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